Know the process of making dairy artisans of the region

Mas La Coromina

Visit them farm milk cows ATO, you will see their cows and calves, feed them and know why the ATO milk is so special

Activity Recommended for families

The activity begins with a tour of the farm where you can see first hand the process of drafting the ATO milk from grazing animals, feeding to Munida and the daily life of a dairy farm.

After visiting the farm you can enjoy a taste of yogurts and cheeses made by Mas La Coromina well as an explanatory audiovisual of milk processing.

You will also have opportunity to purchase craft products to enjoy in your home.


La Xiquella

Know the development process and visit artisan cheese-producing cows

The producer will guide you through the exploitation and ye shall know the dairy cows and will explain the process of making cheese.

Then you will visit the cheese factory and workroom where our guests can see  the development cycle cheeses traditionally both fresh cheeses and cured, as well as other dairy products made by La Xiquella as yogurt and kefir.

At the end of the visit you will realize a tasting of cheeses and dairy products La Xiquella and if you like, you can buy the products that you have tried so enjoy in your home.


La Fageda

Know the most famous cows of La Garrotxa, as they produce milk and dairy products as La Fageda are made

A guide will accompany you to the farm where you will see cows in production, the labor ward, newborn calves and milking parlor. I also explain its operation.

Once in the factory, from the outside you can see how transform milk into yogurt and dairy desserts, as well as different manufacturing processes and fermentation.

At the end of the visit, an audiovisual on the cooperative will be screened and then can taste the products of La Fageda, including