Les Preses village

Les Preses, is 4 km from Olot, stands out for its attractive views. You can visit Racó Volcano Natural Reserve, the Fageda del Corb and Pedra Tosca Park.

The plains and mountains alternate in a harmonious way, with crops and forests, making it one of the most beautiful towns in the Garrotxa.

The church of Les Preses and already dedicated to St. Peter, dating from 922. After the earthquakes of the fifteenth century, over the centuries, has had several reconstructions. A feature of the church of Dams, is the fact that it has two towers.
The hermitages of San Marti del Corb and San Miquel del Corb (romanesque) make clear the old. The legend tells of the lake city occupied the site of Bas, from which the names of the ancient farmhouses of the Mata, the Boada ...

Tourist attractions

The volcanic spectacle is present in the city in many ways, the most spectacular of which is the Xenacs Recreation Area, natural viewpoint of the Natural Park of Volcanic Zone of the Garrotxa.

A number of organized activities, as well as marked routes for walking or biking, allow to know and enjoy the city.
The greenway - Railway Route passes through this municipality and also found in the old station point rental BTT

Pedra Tosca Park
It is what is known as Pedra Tosca Park, a place born with the will to recover, respect and strengthen the actions taken by our ancestors 150 years ago.

Xenacs Recreation Area
Xenacs Recreational Area has a number of facilities and services such as information kiosk, picnic area, barbecues, marked routes ...

Mirador de Puig Rodo
Located 905 meters above sea level, it dominates the volcanic area of ​​Garrotxa, Tosca Forest, Sierra del Cuervo, the hermitages of San Martin and San Miguel del Cuervo, the plain of Bas, Puigsacalm, the beech in Jordan and the High Garrotxa

Ermita de San Miquel del Corb and shrine of San Martin del Corb
Corb the neighborhood are two small churches, San Miguel and San Marti. The hermitage of San Miquel is very old, and seems to have been the original parish. The hermitage of San Martin is a small Romanesque building. Its location in shady and cool place.

Fiesta del Rosario. the penultimate weekend of May is celebrated. It is the small party of the municipality where the giants, and the frog calabotins go through the streets of the town. During the party the neighbors enjoy theater, children's shows, Sardana, concerts, football and match classic and antique vehicles.
International Festival of Music and Dance of Dams "Ésdansa". the penultimate week of August is celebrated. Festival recognized statewide involving different groups following traditional Catalan dance and international dance groups.

Population of Dams - 2015: 1,784 inhabitants
Main shops: grocers, butchers and sausage high quality, traditional and organic bread, 2 bars and restaurants, supermarket, prepared foods, pharmacy and bakery. Automatic bank branch and ATM
Public transport: TEISA and taxis. Transfers with cyclists collection
Sports, recreation areas, chiqui park, paddle, football, swimming pool, mini golf, etc.