Hostel Les Preses

Technical data:

Youth of Catalonia registration number: 272
Number of places 56-60
6 rooms for 8 people
1 bedroom 4 people
1 room 6-8 places
4 people adapted
1 teachers room with TV, toilet and coffee
1 multipurpose room for activities for 50 persons approx. (Wooden hut)
1 adapted bathroom
Dump 2 bathrooms (men and women)
One exclusive master bathroom
1 room with fireplace and TV
1 distributor - extra room

Cozy house, on two floors: ground floor are two rooms with 4 and 6 seats, adapted bathroom, activity room, kitchen and dining room.
Upstairs there are six bedrooms for 8 people, all exterior and bright, two blocks of toilets, showers and WC
 The whole house has central heating and fireplace in the dining room. Ideal for small groups. Capacity 56-60 people.

Football field
Lawns and picnic area and camping area
Booth activities

Space-rooms and amenities:

• T.V and WI-FI throughout the house
• Teachers Hall with TV and coffee (wooden house)
• Nursing
• Fireplace and central heating
• Fire Detection System

Municipal swimming pool with lifeguard 200m
Bike lane (Greenway) to 200 meters
Signposted next to the house (Red Itinerànnia) 20 meters
Sports 200 m
Local young 100 meters
Public transport 400 meters
Ambulatory 200 meters
Local hospital 5 km
Shops 200 meters
Supermarkets at 500 meters
Paddle 500 meters
Playground in 200 meters
Rent a bike and 200 meters trasfers