From Barcelona, Vic, Lleida, Central and Northern Spain

  • Go to Vic by C-17 (Parets del Valles Vic Puigcerda). Last Vic, take the C-37 to Exit 69: Olot- Manlleu and Torelló-South (left exit of the motorway).

  • Continue along the C-37 (Bracons tunnels) and reach the Vall d'en Bas.

  • You will find a roundabout and turn left towards Olot-Les Preses. Olot As you enter, you will find the second roundabout (metallic monument resembling a large scales), first exit on the right (all directions).

  • After 3 roundabouts roundabouts, on your left you will see a kindergarten (Parc de les Mores) and before you reach the next roundabout, take a paved road on your right (road Triai) go straight 700 meters along this road and reach the house.