My ancestor Joan Riera began construction of Can Riera building first well in 1810. Once the water began ensure the building of the house and, later, the cabin and the era. The house was completed in 1849 date on the lintel of the front door.

A typical farmhouse quite large and humble style, which refers to the life in the country at the time. Consisted of three floors: the ground floor was intended for cattle, the second house of the family and the third in the barn.

Since then all the generations that have lived dedicated to agriculture. Adema, a thousand great-grandfather was secretary in the village and my grandfather postman profession also served my mother.
And, as my mother tells me, and then Can Riera was an open and welcoming home where they often spent the night people who were passing through the village.

Today, we can say that the house is still alive thanks to all travelers stop. Please leave a mark on Can Riera!