In the Vall de Bianya camping you will find quality cuisine at competitive prices. You have to try it. Ideal for celebrations and group meals

Come and celebrate your meals and group dinners, friends, family, celebrations, etc. Within the grounds of the campsite valle de Bianya, you will find an environment of nature, activities and spaces for children.

A place to be at ease with your family in a family atmosphere. Products of proximity of high quality to some persi unbeatable.

Come approve our typical menu of La Garrotxa cuisine

Do not forget to try our steaks of 1.5Km (for sharing) of meat from the Garrotxa valleys.

Buporada parties: Halloween, october fest, chestnut, end of the year, carnival, San Juan, etc ... with good meals, better atmosphere and lots of music. Join us!

You can also come to watch the football league, or motorcycle racing on the big screen.